Frequently Asked Questions

How can I locate part numbers?

Tradewinds cannot provide part numbers. Please refer to this link for your reference:

If you are still unable to locate the item you need or need to check availability, please email

How do I convert or check compatibility of the old GWH model numbers to our new model numbers?

Our older models, the TERRA’s, EVO1 and EVO+ had GWH part #’s.

To check compatibility with our new part #'s (forward/backward), please refer to:

What is an ETAC ?

ETAC is GREE's unique name for PTAC (self-contained) AC systems.

How do I order marketing literature such as brochures, handouts, etc.?

Contact Tatiana Carbonell (

How do I order GREE-branded promotional items such as pens, hats, etc.?

You can order directly with a credit card at

How can I schedule a GREE training for my contractor customers?

Contact your rep, GREE salesperson or Tatiana Carbonell (

Where can I find online training on basic installation and troubleshooting of GREE mini-splits?

Go to for quick GREE reference videos.