E-TAC (Self-contained) Units

A cool crowd-pleaser fo guests as well as owners.

The Gree E-TAC is the perfect solution to the rigorous demands for hotels, motels, assisted living communities and residential applications.  The E-TAC does not require bulky ductwork; By not using ductwork, installation is simple, fast & cost effective. It was designed to install easily in most standard 42″ x 16″ wall sleeves. All E-TACs are designed to be a comfortable fit for virtually any decor. It’s slim compact cabinet sits inconspicuously on the wall, & blends into most interior designs. These sleek units deliver personal comfort to your guests, while saving you money.

Our Most Energy Efficient PTAC Model

The E-TAC is Gree’s most energy efficient PTAC model with EER ratings up to 12.2 EER. E-TAC’s energy smart technology keeps your electrical expenses down, while providing unparalleled quiet comfort. Bi-fan motor configuration allows for the whisper quiet sound levels while achieving the highest level of energy efficiency.

Corrosion Resistant Coastal Protection

The Gree Sea Coast model features a corrosion-resistant coating that exceeds the performance and protection of other products of this kind on the market. The coastal coating provides salt air corrosion protection giving you the added reliability for your business. Install the best in corrosion protection for your property, without the worry of performance degradation, coating breakdown or shortened life.

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